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Scheme: Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana (HRIDAY)

Key Facts about the scheme :

It aims to bring urban planning, economic growth and heritage conservation together for heritage cities.

  1. It also seeks beautification in an inclusive and integrated manner with focus on cleanliness, livelihoods, skills, safety, security, accessibility and faster service delivery of heritage cities.
  2. Heritage management plan (HMP) will be prepared for the identified cities which will outline heritage resources and develop policies to guide their conservation, restoration, future use and development.
  3. It will seek to improve last-mile connectivity heritage sites by documentation, conservation of areas, providing more facilities for women, senior citizens and differently abled citizens

Broad Objective : scheme aimed at preserving and revitalizing the soul and unique character of the heritage cities in India
Nodal Ministry and institutions : Ministry of Urban Development HRIDAY is a central sector scheme, where 100% funding will be provided by Government of India. INR 500 Crores have been allocated to the scheme

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