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Sarat Chandra IAS Academy

17th October 2019 Current Affairs

Rangdum Monastery

  • It is the 18th century built monastery. at the head of the Suru Valley, in Ladakh.
  • Rangdum Monastery is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery belonging to the Gelugpa sect.

Van Dhan Internship Programme

  • Van Dhan Internship Programme” organised by TRIFED under Ministry of Tribal Affairs has recently been launched by the government.
  • 18 interns (to be called Minister’s interns) from some of the reputed institutes of rural management, social work and Social Services of the country are participating in the “Van Dhan Internship Programme”.
  • These interns have been selected to enhance the output of Van Dhan programme to make the tribal population self-reliant.
  • They will support the Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India (TRIFED) activities on livelihood


  • Going Online as Leaders (GOAL) is a Facebook program launched for underprivileged young tribal women.
  • It aimed at inspiring, guiding and encouraging tribal girls from across India to become village-level digital young leaders for their communities.
  • It connects tribal women with senior expert mentors in the areas of business, fashion and arts to learn digital and life skills.
  • Ministry of Tribal Affairs associated with Facebook have recently launched the project.

Microbial Fuel Cells

  • Microbial fuel cells are devices that use bacteria as the catalysts to oxidize organic and inorganic matter and generate current.
  • The electrons produced by the bacteria are transferred to the negative terminal and flow to the positive terminal to generate electricity.

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