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21st October 2019 Current Affairs

Relocation of Rohingyas

  • Thousands of Rohingya living in Bangladesh refugee camps have agreed to move to an island named “Bhashan Char” in the Bay of Bengal.
  • It is noted that India launched operation INSANIYAT to assist Bangladesh in helping Rohingya refuges.

Two Asiatic Water Buffaloes died in the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary.

Recently, due to the anthrax, two Asiatic Water Buffaloes died in the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary.

Asiatic Water Buffalo

  • The Asiatic Wild Water Buffalo is scientifically known as Bubalus Arnee is mostly restricted to the states of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

  • Recently, Maharashtra Government declared the Kolamarka forest area as a conservation reserve for the Asiatic Wild Buffalo.
  • Protection Status:
  • Endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
  • It is listed under Schedule-1 of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972.
  • It is included in CITES Appendix-III 

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary has the highest density of one-horned rhinos in the world and second highest concentration in Assam after Kaziranga National Park.
  • It is often called ‘Mini Kaziranga’ due to similar landscape and vegetation.
  • The wildlife sanctuary is home to endangered one-horned rhinoceros and the other mammals such as Leopard, Leopard cat, Fishing cat, Jungle cat, Feral Buffalo, Wild pigs, Chinese pangolins, etc.
  • About 72% of Pobitora Sanctuary consists of wet savannah of Arundo donax and Saccharum. The remaining area is covered by water bodies.
  • Water hyacinth (an invasive aquatic plant) is a major problem to the area especially to waterfowl, as it forms thick mats on the water surface.

Azad Hind Government

  • On 21st October 1943, Subhash Chandra Bose announced the formation of the Provisional Government of Azad Hind (Free India) in Singapore, with himself as the Head of State, Prime Minister and Minister of War.
  • Acclaimed him as the leader (Netaji). He was greeted with ‘Jai Hind’ (Salute to the motherland).
  • On an invitation from Ras Bihari Bose, Subhash Chandra Bose came to East Asia on June 13, 1943. He was made president of the Indian Independence League and the leader of the INA popularly called ‘Azad Hind Fauj’.
  • He gave the famous battle cry ‘Chalo Dilli’. He promised independence to Indians saying, ‘tum mujhe khoon do, main tumhe Azadi dunga’ (You give me blood, I will give you freedom).

Petta Thullal ritual 

The chemical-based colours used during the Petta Thullal ritual are proposed to be banned by the Kerala State Pollution Board recently.

  • The presence of hazardous metals, including lead, arsenic and cadmium in the colours used during the ritual, causes skin troubles as well as pollution of water and soil.
  • Vermilion is a red colour pigment, originally made from the powdered mineral cinnabar.
  • Petta Thullal is the ritualistic sacred dance to celebrate the victory of good over evil in the legend of Lord Ayyappa.

  • It also denotes the beginning of the last leg of the annual Sabarimala pilgrimage season in Kerala.


  • Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council is a non-constitutional, non-permanent and independent body constituted to give economic advice to the Government of India, specifically the Prime Minister.

The council serves to highlight key economic issues facing the country to the government of India from a neutral viewpoint.

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