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Sarat Chandra IAS Academy

7th October 2019 Current Affairs

MOSAIC expedition

  • The MOSAiC mission stands for Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate is spearheaded by the Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany.
  • It is the largest ever Arctic expedition in history.
  • It will be the first to conduct a study of this scale at the North Pole for an entire year.
  • Objectives – To parameterize the atmospheric, geophysical, oceanographic and all other possible variables in the Arctic, and use it to more accurately forecast the changes in our weather systems.
  • It will help the researchers better understand the impact of climate change and aid in improved weather projections.

Acceptance Development Fund

  • RBI has proposed to set up an ‘Acceptance Development Fund’ to develop debit and credit card acceptance infrastructure in the country.
  • The fund will be used to ensure the growth of card acceptance infrastructure such as swipe machines, particularly in Tier III and Tier IV cities.
  • The framework will be operationalised by December 2019.


  • CLASS (Chandrayaan-2 Large Area Soft X-ray Spectrometer) an instrument on Chandrayaan-2  which is to detect the presence of key elements like Sodium (Na), Calcium (Ca), Aluminium (Al), Iron (Fe), etc. on the lunar surface.
  • According to ISRO, the intensity of these charged particles (believed to be mostly electrons) changed as much as ten times the levels outside the Geotail.The Geotail region exists as a result of the interactions between the Sun and Earth.

Nomadic Elephant-14

The 14th edition of India-Mongolia joint military exercise is being held from     5th to 18th October at Bakloh, Himachal Pradesh.

  • It aimed at training troops in counter insurgency & counter terrorism operations under United Nations mandate.
  • The joint exercise will enhance defense co-operation and military relations between the two nations. It is an ideal platform for the armies of both the nations to share their experiences & best practices and gain mutually during the joint training.
Department of Investment and Public Asset Management
  • The Department of Disinvestment was one of the Departments under the Ministry of Finance. It was renamed as Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM) from 14th April, 2016.
  • The mandate of the Department is as follows:
    • All matters relating to the management of Central Government investments in equity including disinvestment of equity in Central Public Sector Undertakings.
    • All matters relating to the sale of Central Government equity through offer for sale or private placement or any other mode in the erstwhile Central Public Sector Undertakings.

Strategic Disinvestment

  • Disinvestment means the dilution of stake of the Government in a public enterprise.
  • Strategic disinvestment is transferring the ownership and control of a public sector entity to some other entity (mostly to a private sector entity).
  • Unlike the simple disinvestment, strategic sale implies some sort of privatization.

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