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Current Affairs – 30th July 2023



Today Topics List:

  1. Turbulence hits, UDAN scheme, 50% routes granded.

  2. India’s Tiger population goes up, MP has most big cats.

  3. Hezbullaha chief urges muslims to punish Quran desecrators

  4. B over 85 % cure rate seen in modified BPal regiment trial.



Turbulence hits, UDAN scheme, 50% routes granded.


        Minister of state civil aviation v.k. singh replied only 11 Greenfield airports have become operational since 2014 to a question in Rajya Sabha


About UDAN Scheme:

  • Motto of UDAN is Ude Deshka Aam Nagarik.
  • UDAN is a regional airport development program of the government of india.
  • A part of the regional connectivity scheme of upgrading under serviced air ports.
  • Launched by Ministry of civil aviation
  • Launch date- 21st October 2016.
  • Start date 27th April 2017
  • At the beginning of scheme out of 486 airports 406 were under serviced, only27 were well serviced, out of all non RCS airports only 12 were operational.
  • The UDAN scheme was created to add to this number by expedititing the development of operationalization of Indian potential target of heavy 425 un-serviced, under developed regional airports with the rescheduled flights.
  • However, several issues and criticism of its poor infrastructure, dominance of large airlines and slow implement ploughed the scheme.

The scheme has been implemented in five phases so far.

  • UDAN 1.0: 36 new airports were commissioned.
  • UDAN 2.0 : A helipad was added for the first time
  • In 2018, 73 unserved airports were announced.
  • UDAN 3.0: Several changes were made including tourist routes , seaplanes, to connect water.
  • UDAN 4.0: 78 New routes were approved in 2020.

UDAN 4.1: New ways have also proposed undersagaramala scheme.


India’s Tiger population goes up, MP has most big cats.


Wild life institute of India (WLI) which coordinates the quadrennial tiger census says India’s tiger population increased to 3682 in 2022 up from 2967 in 2018.

About top wild life conservation schemes of india.          

Project Tiger 1973

  • Launched in 1973 under the leadership of then P.M Indira Gandhi.
  • Project tiger converse 51 tiger reserves.
  • Initiative to maintain healthy population of Bengal Tigers.
  • This is the project which increased num er of tigers from 2603 to 31346 by 2018 and 3682 in 2022

Apart from this there are some more wildlife schemes in India they are;

  • Project elephant, elephant conservation project of india launched in 1992
  • Project snow leopard – snow leopard conservation project stated in 3009
  • Project hungul – hungul conservation project launched in 1970 by jammu and khasmir government.
  • Project crocodial- launched in 1974.



Hezbullaha chief urges muslims to punish Quran desecrators


The leader of Lebanon is shia militant group said on Saturday that the governments of muslim majority countries do not act against the countries allow the desecrators of the Quran, Muslim should punish them on the occasion of Moharam religious meeting conducted .

About Shia’s and Sunnies.

  • Shia is a term stems from shiatu Ali, Arabic for ‘partisans of ali’ believe that ali and his descendants are the part of divined order.
  • Sunni meaning followers of the sunna or ‘way’ in Arabic they are the followers of mohammad prophet , they are the one opposed to political succession based on mohammad’s blood line.

About Moharam :

         Moharm is the first month of the Islamic calendar it is one of the sacred months. It is held to be the second holiest month after Ramdan. It was also done in the remembrance of Imam Hussain the grandson of the prophet mohammad in battle of karbal.

Battle of Karbala:

  • Karbal battle took place in the lands of karabala south baghad. This place now in the country Iraq, see the picture at the end of article
  • Here in this place war between shias and sunn is took place
  • In this war the imam and grandson of mohmed was killed by sunies
  • This war ingrained a deep rift in Islam and continues to this day to play key role in shaping identity of shias.



B over 85 % cure rate seen in modified BPal regiment trial.


      The interim results of randomized phase ¾ trial carried out in India to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of an all-oral, short course treatment using three drug for people with pre-xpr TB or treatment intolerant non- response MDR pulmonary TB appearing promising.

BPal regimen: Bdaquiline, pretoanid, and linezolid to treat drug resistant tuberculosis disease.

About T.B

   Tuberculosis is a disease caused by germs that are spread from person to person through air usually effects the lungs but it can also affect other parts of the body like brain, kidney and liver. A person with TB may die if they do not get treatment.

TYPES OF T.B disease

  1. Active TB disease
  • Active TB is an illness in which TB bacteria are rapidly multiplying and invading different organs of the body.
  • Multidrug treatment is employed to treat active TB
  • Medication includes infamous multi drug resistant TB (MDRTB)
    • Miliary TB is a rare form of active disease that occurs when TB Bacteria enters in to the blood stream.
    • This form of TB can be rapidly fatal.
  2. Latent TB Infection
  • People who are infected with this type do not have any symptoms
  • Even the chest x-ray may be normal.
  • The only manifestation of this encounter may be reaction to (T.ST) AND (I.G.R.A) Tests

Conclusion: The best way prevention before infection.

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