Advanced Registration Fee- Book your Seat

Degree with IAS Course is a 3 years integrated course (BA with IAS Coaching). The UPSC syllabus is covered over a period of 2 years and the last year is used for multiple revisions of the syllabus. Also, regular classes on Aptitude, Reasoning, Banking etc helps the student prepare for a plethora of competitive examinations by the time he/she finishes degree.

Degree plus IAS batch (BA plus IAS) has limited seats. Admissions are in progress now. To reserve your seat in advance, you have to pay Rs.28,000 registration fees by using above link. Interested students can opt for BSc or B.Com with special request in our College.

Due to COVID-19, we started online classes for those who registered here. These live classes and exams will continue until the Government issues further directives. 

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