Advanced Registration Fee- Book your Seat

Degree with IAS Course is a 3 years integrated course (BA with IAS Coaching or B Sc with UPSC Coaching). The UPSC syllabus is covered over a period of 2 years and the last year is used for multiple revisions of the syllabus. Also, regular classes on Aptitude, Reasoning, Banking etc helps the student prepare for a plethora of competitive examinations by the time he/she finishes degree.

As students come from several states, we provide additional guidance to help them crack their state service commission exams (Ex: APPSC Group 1 for students from Andhra Pradesh) 

Degree plus IAS batch (BA plus IAS) has limited seats. Admissions are in progress now. Fees for the academic year is as below:

 To reserve your seat in advance, you have to pay Rs.28,000 registration fees by using above link. 

Due to COVID-19, we started online classes for those who registered here. The offline classes will start from the second week of December. 

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