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How to choose the best IAS Academy in Vijayawada

Are you preparing for IAS exam in Vijayawada ? Do you want to choose a good UPSC Civil services coaching institute in Andhra Pradesh ?
There are a few IAS coaching centers in Vijayawada.Choose the academy based on where you would get the guidance from an expert and where there are good faculty. Take an informed decision as this is your life-changing decision. 

Consider the following factors:

  • Look for who is teaching which subject and take the feed back from their students as they may give genuine opinions
  • Look for the quality of questions in their mock tests. See if tests are conducted regularly.
  • See if your answers are evaluated by experts
  • Look for good library with good environment
  • Find out if experts are available to clear your doubts at any time.

Choosing a top UPSC Civil services coaching institute should not be based on what the academy says about themselves but be based on what their students say about that IAS Academy. 

Once you join the academy, attend few classes as demo. See the environment and guidance provided. Based on this, take a decision. If you pay the fees without such observation, then your fees gets wasted along with your one year’s precious time. The same logic applies to all courses like Intermediate Plus IAS (Inter with IAS), Degree with IAS, Group 1 etc. 

Good news is that more IAS Academies  are coming up in Vijayawada – Andhra Pradesh that helps in providing diversity to students. Sarat Chandra IAS Academy is one such UPSC Civil service coaching institutes formed by a team of experts who scored good marks in UPSC mains and interview. Hope Vijayawada becomes another Delhi with healthy competition between these institutes. 

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