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How to improve your score in UPSC Prelims Examination

Several students score almost similar marks in their multiple attempts at Prelims examination. This is because, once you develop certain knowledge bank in your mind, you reach a saturation point. Thereafter, it is not the knowledge of the subject, but your attitude and strategy towards the prelims exam that needs to be moulded. Some ideas to maximize your score are mentioned here:

  • Try to maximize your attempt by writing more mocks
  • Check your guessing ability in these mocks. Accordingly mould your guessing strategy
  • Balance your revision of core syllabus with current affairs
  • Don’t overthink on any particular bit (question) as it will lead to more confusion
  • First answer the easy questions to boost your confidence. Then come back to answer tough questions.
  • See Dr. Roman Saini’s video on probability of getting positive marks in guesses. That is a good strategy to answer tough questions.

More ideas would be added in course of time.

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