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Important Terms in 14th October -2020 News


United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction:

  • The UNDRR was established in 1999 as a dedicated secretariat to facilitate the implementation of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR).
  • It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • It is mandated to serve as the focal point in the United Nations system for the coordination of disaster reduction and to ensure synergies among the disaster reduction activities.
  • It is an organisational unit of the UN Secretariat and is led by the UN Special Representative of the Secretary General for Disaster Risk Reduction (SRSG).
  • UNDRR’s Strategic Framework 2016-2021 has a vision to substantially reduce disaster risk and losses for a sustainable future with the mandate to act as the custodian of the Sendai Framework (India is a signatory).


Universal Postal Union:

  • The UPU is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) that coordinates postal policies among member nations, in addition to the worldwide postal systems.
  • Its headquarters are located in Berne, Switzerland.


-Lepidoptera is the order of insects that includes butterflies, moths and skippers.
-The name Lepidoptera is derived from the Greek, meaning “scaly winged,” and refers to the characteristic covering of microscopic dustlike scales on the wings.

  • Due to their day-flying habits and bright colours, the butterflies are more familiar than the chiefly night-flying and dull-coloured moths, but the latter is far more varied and abundant.
  • The skippers are a worldwide group intermediate between butterflies and moths.

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