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Current Affairs 11th September-2020

Welcome to your Current Affairs 11th September-2020

1) RATS – Regional Anti- Terrorist Structure is a permanent structure of

2) Which of the following statements are not true:
1. India’s food grain production in 2019-20 was 3.7% higher than in 2018-19.
2. Food inflation in the Q1 of 2020-21, at 9.2%, was higher than in the previous year due to increase in demand for food.
3. Third, the area under kharif sowing in 2020-21 was 14% higher than in 2019-20.
4. Fourth, the government’s economic package for agriculture — as part of the ₹10-lakh crore Atmanirbhar Bharat package — will further position agriculture as the engine of revival.

3) Which of the following statements are true about Indus Valley Civilization
1. Horse remains are found in Surkotada
2. Chanhudaro only city without citadel in IVC

4) Five Star Villages Scheme is launched by
1. India Post
2. Ministry of Rural Development

5) Reasonable restrictions found in article 19 (2) include
1. Interests of the sovereignty
2. Integrity of India,
3. Security of the state,
4. Public order, and incitement to an offence

6) Ramayana Kalpavruksham is written by:

7) Which of the following statements are true about SAROD-Ports
1. SAROD-Ports consists members from Indian Ports Association (IPA) and Indian Private Ports and Terminals Association (IPTTA).
2. SAROD-Ports is established under Societies Registration Act, 1860

8) Which of the following statements are true:
1. Housing for all by 2025, is a flagship programme launched on 20th November, 2016
2. Under PMAY-G, each beneficiary is given 100% grant of Rs. 1.70 lakh with a sharing ratio of 60:40 between Centre and State.

9) Which of the following statements are true:
1. Project 17A frigates is a design derivative of the Shivalik class stealth frigates with much more advanced stealth features and indigenous weapons and sensors.
2. INS Nilgiri is the first ship of the Project

10) Expert committee to assist Government for assessment of relief to bank borrowers is headed by

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