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Current Affairs 13th October-2020

Welcome to your Current Affairs 13th October-2020

1) Which of the following are true about Pravara Rural Education Society?
1. The aim of the society is to provide world class education to the rural masses and empower the girl child.
2. Society is currently serving with the core mission of educational, social, economical, cultural, physical and psychological development of students

2) Which of the following is true about Consumer Price Index Numbers?
1. CPI is calculated by NSO
2. Base year for CPI calculation is 2012

3) The three aspects of development for sustainable entrepreneurship are:

4) Tech for Tribals Initiative is launched under Ministry of Tribal Affairs in collaboration with

5) Mobile Water Testing Laboratory Van seen recently in news is launched by:

6) Which of the following are true about Sendai Framework?
1. It is for Disaster Risk Reduction
2. Under the framework, there are nine strategic targets

7) Capital expenditure includes expenditure on which of the following

8) Capital receipts include
1. All the receipt of the government which create liabilities
2. Reduce financial assets

9) Which of the following is true about Nobel in economics 2020
1. 2020 Nobel is given for improvements to auction theory and inventions of new auction formats.
2. The discovery has benefitted sellers, buyers and taxpayers around the world

10) Sendai is a place in:

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