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Current Affairs 13th September-2020

Welcome to your Current Affairs 13th September-2020

1) Which of the following statements are not true about National School of Drama (NSD):
1. NSD had its inception under the aegis of the Sangeet Natak Akademi and became an independent entity in 1975.
2. There are two performing wings of NSD – the Repertory Company and Theatre-in Education Company (TiE) that started in 1964 and 1989, respectively.

2) United Nations Secretariat recently held a meeting of the 6 + 2 + 1 group, the meeting is about:
1. on regional efforts to support peace in Afghanistan
2. This group includes six neighboring countries: China, Iran, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan

3) Match the following:

1.Reciprocal Logistics Support                                                                       A. Australia
2. Mutual Logistics Support                                                                           B. USA
3. logistics exchange Memorandum of understanding                               C. Mongolia
4. The Nomadic Elephant                                                                               D. Russia

4) Which of the following statements are true about Singapore Convention:
1. Convention is a Settlement framework to boost ease of doing business
2. Also known as the United Nations Convention on International Settlement Agreements, Resulting from Mediation,
3. This is also the first UN treaty to be named after Singapore.
4. India is a not a signatory to the convention

5) Which of the following statements are true about G-20:
1. The G20 brings together the leaders of both developed and developing countries from every continent.
2. The Theme of 2020 is Realizing Opportunities of the 21st Century for All

6) Which of the following statements are true about UNICEF:
1. UNICEF was created in 1946 as International Children’s Emergency Fund (ICEF) by UN relief Rehabilitation Administration to help children affected by World War II.
2. The organization was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1965 for “promotion of brotherhood among the nations”.

7) Which of the following statements are true about IRAD App
1. It is an Integrated Rail Accident Database Project
2. In the first instance, it has been decided to implement the app in eight States

8) Which of the following statements are true:
1. Methane hydrate is formed when hydrogen-bonded water and methane gas come into contact at high pressures and low temperatures in oceans.
2. Krishna – Godavari basin has extreme source of biogenic methane in comparison to the Andaman and Mahanadi basins.

9) Methane hydrate deposits in India are found in:
1. Krishna‐Godavari (KG)
2. Mahanadi basin

10) The LEMOA, COMCASA agreements are Logistics agreements signed by India with

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