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Current Affairs 17th September-2020

Welcome to your Current Affairs 17th September-2020

1) Which of the following statements are true?
1. Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor uses heavy water as coolant and moderator.
2. Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor fuelled by Mixed Oxide (MOX) Fuel.

2) Which of the following statements are true?
1. It facilitates investments of top investors in a targeted manner
2. Project Development Cells (PDCs) are set up in all concerned Ministries/ Departments to fast-track investments in coordination between the Central Govt. and State Govt

3) World Economic Outlook report is released by:

4) Global Economic Prospects Report is released by

5) The proposed centralized Investment Clearance Cell will provide,
1. end-to-end facilitation support and pre- investment advisory
2. Information related to land banks

6) Which of the following statements are true about Defense Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI)?
1. It is between India and Russia
2. Its central aims include strengthening India’s defence industrial base, exploring new areas of technological development and expanding U.S.-India business ties

7) Which of the following statements are true about Banking Regulation (Amendment) bill, 2020.
1. The bill aims to bring cooperative banks under the supervision of Reserve Bank of India
2. The act will allow the RBI to amalgamate or reconstruct a stressed Cooperative Bank without first imposing a Moratorium

8) Which of the following statements are not true about Hilsa Fish:
1. It is well distributed in Ganga- Brahmaputra river systems in India and Bangladesh
2. The Hilsa fish is the National Fish of Bangladesh.

9) K N Dikshit committee is
1. To conduct Holistic study of origin and evolution of Indian Culture
2. It is set up by ministry of culture

10) World's largest rooftop greenhouse has opened in which of the following countries:

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