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Current Affairs 1st October-2020

Welcome to your Current Affairs 1st October-2020

1) Decarbonization and Energy Transition Agenda is signed between:

2) Which of the following are true about brahmos missile:
1. The brahmos is a ramjet supersonic cruise missile
2. It operates on the Fire and Forgets principle

3) Which of the following are true about Ambedkar Social Innovation & Incubation Mission
1. Will be implemented by the Venture Capital Fund for scs
2. It provides equity support up to Rs 50 lakh over a period of three years

4) Which of the following are true about Crime in India report 2019
1. NRCB data, showed 9% rise in crimes against women
2. MP also had the highest number of crimes against girl children under the POCSO act

5) Which of the following Statements are true:
1. Quad is an informal grouping of United States, Japan, India and France
2. Quad is established to provide peace, stability and security in the Indian Ocean region only

6) One country two systems deal is related to:

7) Sino- Vatican deal 2018, is an agreement on

8) Shukrayaan-1 is to study……….. Of Venus planet

9) Venus Climate Orbiter belongs to

10) VIRAL (Venus Infrared Atmospheric Gases Linker) instrument is developed by:

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