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Current Affairs 24th April-20

Welcome to your Current Affairs 24th April-20

1) With respect to Dearness allowance consider the following statements:
1. Dearness Allowance is received by pensioners and government employees.
2. It is provided to mitigate the impact of inflation.
3. The concept of Dearness Allowance was introduced during World War I.
Which of the above statement/s are correct?

2) With respect to Anglo-Manipur conflict consider the following statements:
1. It was an armed conflict between the British Government and the Kingdom of Manipur in 1891.
2. It resulted in the victory of British.
3. The state of Manipur commemorates Khongjom Day to pay tribute to the warriors who fought in the 1891 Anglo-Manipur war.
Which of the above statement/s are correct?

3) With respect to "Ambubachi Mela" consider the following statements
1. It is an annual festival in one of the Shakti Peethas in Odisha
2. This mela is also known as Ameti or Tantric fertility festival.
Which of the above statement/s are correct?

4) Which of the following is true about "operation twist”?

5) Commodity Markets Outlook is published by

6)Which among the following have Geographical Tag?
1. Mysore sandal soap
2. Devanahalli Pomelo
3. Bobbili veena

7) First butterfly park in India is located in

8) " Tianwen" is sometimes in news, it is associated with

9) The South China Sea is not bordered by

10) Kasowal bridge is constructed on

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