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Current Affairs 24th November -2020

Welcome to your Current Affairs 24th November -2020

1) The sea coast of which one of the following states has become famous as a nesting place for the giant Olive Ridley turtles from South America?

2) Consider the following statements regarding the ‘G-20 (or Group of Twenty)
1. Membership of the G20 consists of 19 individual countries plus the European Union.
2. Saudi Arabia has hosted the 2020 G-20 Summit.
3. India is scheduled to host the G20 summit in 2021.
Which of the statement given above is/are correct?

3) Which of the following is/are in the “Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve”?

4) Where are Shevaroy Hills located?

5) India is a member of which among the following?
1. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
2. Association of South-East Asian Nations
3. Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
Select the correct answer using the code given below.

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