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Current Affairs 27th September-2020

Welcome to your Current Affairs 27th September-2020

1) Which of the following are true with regards to The Central Road Fund (CRF):
1. The fund is procured out of cess/tax imposed on the consumption of Petrol and Diesel.
2. Fund is under the domain of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

2) Scrub typhus seen in news recently is

3) Dharani portal is portal for

4) Which of the following are true about Leuser Ecosystem:
1. Located in Indonesia
2. UNESCO World Heritage site

5) ADB recently approved loan to develop secondary towns in

6) International commission of jurists is:
1. Established following 1952 International Congress of Jurists in West Berlin
2. An International Human Rights Non-governmental organization

7) Mitra Shakti is a joint military exercise between the Indian Army and

8) India is member of which of the following
1. Asia Pacific economic cooperation
2. Association of Southeast Asian nations
3. East Asia Summit
Select the correct answer using

9) 100 million Line of Credit from India with emphasis in renewable energy is given to

10) Which of the following are true about IREDA
1. It is established as a Non-Banking Financial Institution
2. Promoting, developing and extending financial assistance for setting up projects relating to Renewable Energy

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