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Current Affairs 29th October-2020

Welcome to your Current Affairs 29th October-2020

1) Which of the following Central Asian Countries are having border with Caspian Sea
1. Turkmenistan
2. Kazakistan
3. Uzbekistan
4. Tajikistan

2) Which of the following statements are true:
1. Indo-Pacific is a forum for strategic and military consultations
2. Quad is a forum for grand politico-economic vision

3) Which of the following statements are true about ASER survey:
1. In Andhra Pradesh, less than 35% of children had textbooks
2. More than 98% had textbooks in West Bengal, Nagaland and Assam

4) ASER is a nationwide survey of
1. Rural education and learning outcomes in terms of reading and arithmetic skills
2. It is conducted by the NGO Pratham

5) Which of the following are true about EOS-01:
1. EOS is an Earth Observation Satellite
2. Its applications are Agriculture, water resources, urban planning, and rural development

6) Which of the following statements are true:
1. India granted additional $1 billion Line of Credit (loc) for the Central Asian countries.
2. It is expected that the loc will be spent for major infrastructural and connectivity projects.

7) Scissor effect seen in news recently is

8) What are the reasons for better performance of Kerala during Pandemic?
1. Presence of empowered local governance institutions
2. Community participation

9) With respect to Covid-19, Dharavi has flattened the curve what are the reasons?

10) Which of the following wetlands are added recently to Ramsar Convention

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