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Current Affairs 4th September-2020

Welcome to your Current Affairs 4th September-2020

1) Which of the following statements is/are true:
1.Chairman of 15 finance commission is N.K Singh
2. The share of states in the centre’s taxes is recommended to be decreased from 42% during the 2015-20 period to 41% for 2020-21.

2) Which of the following statements are true?
1. Janaushadhi Kendras selling Sanitary Napkins at Rs.1 per pad under the name of Suvidha Scheme to ensure women menstrual hygiene and for safe periods.
2. The material which is used in the pad is having oxo-biodegradable properties, thus making it not only affordable, but also environment friendly

3) Which of the following statements are true
1.Jan Aushadhi Poshan is a malt-based food to support immunity and growth. 
2. Jan Aushadhi Janani is a protein rich supplement to fulfil requirement of extra nutrition in females during pregnancy

4) With respect to Global innovation index which of the following is true:
1. India’s rank Improved from 52 to 48 in the Global Innovation Index
2. The 2020 edition of the Global Innovation Index (GII) presents the latest global innovation trends and the annual innovation ranking of 131 economies.

5) Consider the following with respect to Guaranteed Emergency Credit Line (GECL) facility, which is true:
1. The GECL is a loan for which 100% guarantee is provided by the National Credit Guarantee Trustee Company (NCGTC) to Member Lending Institutions (MLIs) - banks, financial institutions and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs).
2. The tenor of loans provided under the GECL facility is four years from the date of disbursement.

6) Which of the following statements are true?
1. EESL seeks to create the market for electric vehicles, through its unique business model of aggregation of demand and bulk procurement.
2. A shift to EVs, facilitated by our e-mobility programme will reduce dependence on oil imports and promote power capacity addition in India

7) What is FASTag which of the following is not true:
1. It is the Electronic Toll Collection program on toll plazas by National Highway Authority of India.
2. Works on the principle of Radio Frequency Identification

8) Which of the following statements are true?
1. Rural Self Employment and Training Institutes are unique initiative where State Governments, the Union Govt. and the local governments are working together to address the issue of rural poverty.
2. RSETI setup in furthering the efforts of mitigating the problem of unemployment in the country

9) Which of the following statements is not true:
1. SECMOL-LADAKH, would establish Ice stupa in 100 villages and which will solve problem of drinking water and water required for agriculture.
2. SECMOL will also plant trees through private participation.

10) With respect to Question hour, which of the following is true:
1. The second hour of every parliamentary sitting is slotted for this.
2. The questions are of three kinds, namely, starred, unstarred and short notice.
3. A starred question (distinguished by an asterisk) requires an written answer and hence supplementary questions can follow.
2. An unstarred question, on the other hand, requires a oral answer and hence, supplementary questions cannot follow.

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