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Current Affairs 5th April-20

Welcome to your Current Affairs 5th April-20

1. Consider the following statements about Covid Gyan:
1. It is a multi-institutional multi-lingual science communication initiative
2. The initiative is to create, curate and communicate scientifically credible and authentic COVID-19 related content and resources
Which of the above statement/s are correct?
2. Consider the following statements about National Security Council:
1. It is an executive agency responsible for advising the Prime Minister’s Office on issues of national security and strategic interest.
2. Prime minister presides the council.
Which of the above statement/s are incorrect?
3. Equator passes through which of the following OPEC countries
1. Nigeria
2. Ecuador
3. Republic of Congo
4. Angola
Choose the correct option:
4. Which of the following elements are incorporated by financial entities to frame their KYC?
1. Customer Acceptance Policy
2. Customer Identification Procedures
3. Monitoring of Transactions
Choose the correct option:
5. Consider the following statements about World War II
1. Germany’s invasion of Poland is said to be the immediate cause of the war
2. It ended colonialism and imperialism
Which of the following statement/s are correct?
6. Consider the following statements about IRDAI
1. It was established after the recommendations of Malhotra Committee
2. It is a constitutional body
3. It regulates the industrial sector
Which of the above statement/s are incorrect?
7. Which of following are included in Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana?
1. Financial Literacy Programme
2. Micro Insurance
3. Health care workers
4. Unorganized sector Pension schemes like Swalamban
8. Which of the following are not listed in the core industries of the India?
1. Plastic
2. Coal
3. Crude oil
4. Pesticides
Choose the correct option:
9. Which of the following state or UT's share border with China?
1. Jammu and Kashmir
2. Uttarakhand
3. Uttar Pradesh
4. Sikkim
Choose the correct option:
10. Sea of Okhotsk is located
1. To the East of Japan
2. To the North of Japan
3. To the East of Russia
4. To the North of Russia
Choose the correct option:

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