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Sarat Chandra IAS 09th May Quiz

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A Constituent Assembly, to frame a Constitution for India, was first demanded by the Muslim League in 1934. 2. The Indian National Congress was opposed to the idea of a Constituent Assembly elected by adult franchise. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
1.Named Star link network for space-based internet services for seamless internet connectivity. Spaced-based internet would have 2. Economy of scale as compared to fi bre optics-based internet. For space-based internet services, 3. Satellite has been placed in the Low earth orbit.Which of the above is/are correct statement about Space-based internet?
1. Cost-- push inflation is determined by supply side factors such as higher wages etc. 2 Costpush inflation can only occur when demand is relatively inelastic.
With reference to the Earth Observation Satellite (EOS-01), recently launched by the ISRO, consider the following statements: 1.It was launched onboard the Geosynchronous Satellite LaunchVehicle (GSLV) 2. It operates in the Low Earth orbit. 3. It was launched from Abdul Kalam Island, Odisha.
Consider the following statements about COVIRAP machine: 1. It is developed by researchers at IIT, Kharagpur. 2. It is more efficient but cost more that RT-PCR machine. 3. It can be operated with minimal training while RT-PCR machine requires to be operated by expert.
Consider the following statements with reference to Himalayan Brown Bear: 1. They are found only in India. 2. They exhibit sexual dimorphism. 3. They undergo hibernation in winter season.
Consider the following statements relating to Coal India Limited: 1. It is designated as a Maha Ratna’ company under the Ministry of Coal. 2. It is the single largest coal producing company in the world. 3. The Headquarter of Coal India Limited is located at Ranchi, Jharkhand.
1. The rebellion was started by Mappila community. 2. Mappilas were Muslim peasant community in Malabar region. 3. The rebellion was against Hindu landlords only.
1. Index of Industrial Production (IIP) is released by Ministry of Commerce on monthly basis. 2.The eight core industries, constitute about 40% of the total index of industrial production (IIP). 3.Highest weightage among the core industries goes to electricity.
Which of the following agriculture system in India is not recognized under Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems?

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