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Sarat Chandra IAS 17th June Quiz

Welcome to your Sarat Chandra IAS 17th June Quiz

Consider the following regarding NIRF India Rankings 2020: 1.It is the 5th edition and is released by the UGC 2.Peer perception and inclusivity are two of its parameters. Which of the above is/are correct?

Which of the following are members of the “Five Eyes intelligence alliance”: 1) USA 2) Canada 3) France 4) UK 5) New Zealand

The Kalapani dispute recently seen in the news is between India and?

Consider the following regarding Payment Infrastructure development fund: 1.It has been announced by the RBI 2. It is a 500 crore fund 3. It will be dedicated to the creation of both physical and digital infrastructure Which of the above is/are correct?

In India, the sectors where FDI is not allowed are: 1. Investment in Chit Funds 2. Tobacco industry 3. All Agricultural or Plantation Activities 4. Satellite and its associated activities Select the correct answer code:

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