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Sarat Chandra IAS 1st October Quiz

Welcome to your Sarat Chandra IAS 1st October Quiz

Recently seen in the news, the Northeast’s first GI Tagged traditional brew “Judima rice wine” is from which state?

Jyothi Surekha Vennam, who was seen in the news recently, is associated with which sports?

What is the name of the third ever September cyclone which developed in the Bay of Bengal?

With reference to Indian Biodiversity, Conjoined Swift, Indian Skipper, Indian Red flash & African Babul are?

What was the original duration of the Foreign Trade Policy, which is being currently implemented?

Where is the ‘National Institute of Biotic Stress Tolerance’ located?

Mekedatu Project which is in news lately is related to

Who among the following was the first Bhakti saint to use Hindi for the propagation of his message?

There are only two known examples of cave paintings of the Gupta period in ancient India. One of these is paintings of Ajanta caves. Where is the other surviving example of a Gupta painting?

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