Sarat Chandra IAS Academy

Sarat Chanrdra IAS Academy - Degree 1st year Girls (Section-A) Daily Schedule

This is the schedule for 14th March 2022. The schedule is going to be updated everyday. You may use the same link to check the schedule

Class Timings


9:00 am to 10:10 amAPTITUDE
10:20 am to 11:30 amPOLITY
11:40 am to 12:50 pmPOLITICAL SCEINCE
12:50 pm to 1:50 pmLunch
1:50 pm to 2:50 pmPOLITY (NCERT)
3:00 pm to 4:00 pmHISTORY
4:10 pm to 5:10 pmMATHS 
5:10 pm to 6:10 pmSTUDY HOUR
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