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Successful strategy for Inter with IAS Coaching

Successful strategy for Inter with IAS Coaching

We focus on building your personal awareness framework through  FIVE-FORMULA subjects | Successful strategy for Inter with IAS Coaching

that includes

  • Aptitude and Reasoning
  • English Language Skills (both written and spoken)
  • General Awareness
  • Basic of General studies
  • Training in Soft Skills

Aptitude and Reasoning

  • An Aptitude test evaluates the ability to perform a certain task with no prior Knowledge.
  • It includes Numerical Tests, verbal tests, deductive reasoning tests, inductive reasoning and so on.
  • Reasoning tests the logical knowledge of the candidate.
  • It includes coding- decoding making judgments, venn diagrams and arrangement of word.
  • Aptitude and reasoning are most important areas in CAT, MAT, G MAT etc.

General English Language Skills

  • We know the role of English in our lives now a days.
  • Basic English Grammar includes Tenses, Voice, Pans of speech, Articles’, Direct and indirect Speech etc are essential to achieve in any exam.
  • Vocabulary, usage, correction of sentences, Antonyms, Synonyms are inevitable in addition.

General Awareness

  • It means knowledge about the present happenings; General Awareness and current Affairs form an important and inevitable part & exam.
  • General Knowledge cannot be attained overnight.
  • We teach the student on national and international events with sociology, economic, political and historical background.

Basic of General studies

In all competitive exams, General studies play a vital role. It includes science, History, Economy, Geography and Indian constitution. We teach basics of these studies. It also covers like

  • How to read News paper
  • Conceptual clarity
  • Concepts of Indian society
  • Ethics and morals

Soft skills

  • We need not to reiterate the significance of personality Development course among the youth.
  • A unique Personality Development Program, Reinvent and Redesign.
  • There is nothing more unique then you in this world.
  • Rediscover your talents and abilities through this amazing life skills program.

Successful strategy for Inter with IAS Coaching

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