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UPSC Civils Daily Mains Question 03rd June-2021

The Accelerated Vigyan scheme is an initiative to strengthen mechanisms of identifying research potential, mentoring, training and giving hands-on workshops on a national scale. Explain the objectives of the scheme. Also discuss various components of the scheme.(150words)

Accelerate Vigyan (AV) strives to provide a big push to high-end scientific research and prepare scientific manpower which can venture into research careers and knowledge-based economy. Its aim is to expand the research base in the country, with three broad goals – consolidation / aggregation of all scientific training programs, initiating High-end Orientation Workshops and creating opportunities for Research Internships.

The scheme seeks to garner social responsibility of the scientific community in the country.

Objectives of the scheme

  • Providing a thrust to high-end scientific research;
  • A platform for research internships and capacity-building programs
  • preparing scientific manpower

The vision is to expand the research base with three broad goals:

  • consolidation / aggregation of all scientific programmes;
  • initiating high-end orientation workshops; and
  • creating opportunities for research internships for those who do not have access to such resources


  • ABHYAAS is an attempt to boost research and development in the country by enabling and grooming potential post-graduate / PhD students by developing their research skills in select areas.
  • It has two components: High-end workshops (‘KARYASHALA’) and research internships (‘VRITIKA’).
  • This is especially important for those who have limited opportunities to access such learning capacities / infrastructure.


  • Mission ‘SAMOOHAN’ marks the beginning of Accelerate Vigyan.
  • It aims to encourage, aggregate and consolidate all scientific interactions in the country under one common roof.
  • It has been sub-divided into ‘SAYONJIKA’ and ‘SANGOSHTI’.
  • SAYONJIKA is an open-ended program to catalogue the capacity building activities in science and technology supported by all government funding agencies in the country.
  • SANGOSHTI is a pre-existing program of SERB.

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