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UPSC Civils Online Essay Course

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UPSC has been changing its pattern and moving towards more Philosophical type essay. In 2018, Section B all four topics were based on philosophical type. And it was a surprise for students. But in 2019, this surprise became a shocker as in Section A, all four topics were not philosophical but rather based on philosophical ethics.

UPSC Civils Online Essay course contains 20 Online live Classes ( recordings of the classes will be available) and 20 Tests tests will be conducted.

  • 20 Live sections 
  • 20 Tests covering a wide range of topics
  • Classes on how to decode the topics, how to do brainstorming for essay, how to structure the essay etc.
  • Detailed discussion after every test
  • One on one discussion with the faculty after copy evaluation
  • Comprehensive coverage of most important topics from Yojana, Kurukshetra, Front Line and other important Magazines.

For more details contact: 9494933040

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