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What are the skills and qualities required to become an IAS Officer?

Judgement Skills
– Decision making skills
– Compassion
– Utilitarianism skills
– Integrity

Judgement skills:

An IAS officer is also responsible for doing justice to the people by making fair decisions concerning the overall situation. It is his or her sole responsibility to act fairly and rightly.

Decision-making skills:

An IAS officer is a part of government machinery. He or she must be able to adapt to the changes in the system, operator and structure. An IAS officer is quick in analysing the available possibilities and potential outcome to take decisions accordingly.


An IAS officer should be compassionate to eliminate the suffering of the people with misfortune. He or she is required to implement the laws to provide support to the people of the underprivileged sections without violating existing laws and rules.

Utilitarianism skills:

It is an ability based on ethical theory to determine the right and wrong depending on the consequences of policy or action. An IAS officer must be able to follow the principle of utilitarianism in taking decisions that lead to the best for the country and its citizens.


In the Public Administration, transparency comes with the definition of holding public officials accountable and eliminating corruption. An IAS officer must possess transparency to observe the actions and decide accordingly.

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