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Important Terms in 31st August-2020 News



  • A risk averse investor is an investor who prefers lower returns( known risks) rather than higher returns(unknown risks).
  • Various investments giving the different returns with different level of risks, this investor always prefers least interest returns with least risk to avoids risks.
  • They stay away from high-risk investments and prefer investments which provide a sure shot return. Such investors like to invest in government bonds, debentures and index funds.


Fair and Remunerative price (FRP):-

  • FRP is the minimum price that the sugar mills have to pay to farmers.
  • It is set by the centre and is payable by mills to sugarcane farmers throughout the country.
  • It is supposed to signal to farmers the need to plant more or less cane for the coming year.
  • FRP of sugarcane is been determined on the basis of recommendations of Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP) and after consultation with State Governments and other stake-holders.
  • It takes into account various factors such as cost of production, overall demand-supply situation, domestic and international prices, inter-crop price parity, terms of trade prices of primary by-products, and likely impact of FRP on general price level and resource use efficiency.


State Advised Price (SAP):-

  • State Advised Price (SAP) is the price set by state governments.
  • It is the price that mills would have to pay farmers instead of the FRP.
  • It strengthens farmer’s interests.
  • Typically, SAP is higher than FRP.
  • There have been divergent views on which is a fair price to both farmers and millers.


The International Bamboo and Rattan Organization (INBAR):-

  • It is a multilateral development organization that promotes environmentally sustainable development using Bamboo and Rattan.
  • It has 46 Member States.
  • INBAR has played an especially strong role in promoting South-South cooperation.
  • In 1998, India became a signatory to the INBAR treaty.


Single National Scholarship Scheme:-

  • The Central government is contemplating setting up a single national scholarship scheme called PM Young Achievers Scholarship Award Scheme for Vibrant India (PM-YASASVI) for meritorious students which will absorb all the existing scholarship schemes.
  • Beneficiary: Students in the Other Backward Class (OBC), SC, Denotified, Nomadic and semi-Nomadic Tribe (DNT) and Economically Backward Caste (EBC) categories will be able to avail the national scholarship.
  • Implementing Agency: The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment has been tasked to implement the Scheme by conducting a merit test.


Poshan Maah:-

  • It includes a month-long activities focussed on antenatal care, optimal breastfeeding, anaemia, growth monitoring, girls education, diet, right age of marriage, hygiene and sanitation and eating healthy (food fortification).
  • The activities focus on Social and Behavioural Change Communication (SBCC) and are based on Jan Andolan Guidelines.

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