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Prelims cum Mains Test Series 2023

42 Prelims Tests – 27 GS Tests, 15 Prelims Paper 2 CSAT
50 Mains Tests – Sectional Tests 19, GS Full Length Tests 16, Essay 15

Unique Features

  • Evaluation within 4 days

  • Personal Mentorship or Individual guidance is also included in this Test series

  • Model Answers for Prelims and Mains will be given within one day of writing the exam

  • Schedule and Time table of the exam can be decided as per your flexibility

  • You can Customize your own Test Series schedule

  • Ethics and Essay are also included in this test series

  • Standard of paper is as per UPSC (neither tougher nor easier)

  • 70% questions of our 2021 Test series have appeared in UPSC 2021 Prelims and Mains Exams

  • Our questions are highly balanced exactly like UPSC Exam (20% Easy 40% Moderate 40% Difficult)

  • Integration of Static syllabus and Current affairs in a dynamic way as per the present UPSC pattern

  • Part Tests, Subjectwise Tests and Full Tests

  • Few Papers are evaluated by Civil Services Officers (IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS)

  • Evaluation is not purely based on knowledge improvement but also improvement in the style of Answer Writing

  • Tips and techniques to guess answers in Prelims and how to write unknown answers in UPSC Mains

  • Both Online and Offline mode of Test series is available

  • Offline test centers Hyderabad, Vijayawada

  After evaluation the Evaluator and Mentor will personally guide you what to read and where to read to write better answers and perform better in exam

Other Features of the Test Series

  • Evaluation on phone (First time in India):  A personalized (one on one) evaluation of the paper on the phone where a student can interact and clear doubts.
  • Expert Evaluators from across India
  • Improves “The Art of Answer Writing” under guidance of Sarat sir
  • Evaluation is based on context, structure, relevance to question, knowledge on the subject
  • Comprehensively covers the entire syllabus with a special focus on present UPSC Trend
  • Essay tests will focus on current affairs, philosophical topics and expected UPSC questions
  • Helps in identifying your strengths and eliminating your weaknesses.
  • Helps develop quality content, refine answer writing skill, and efficient time management
  Note: 70% of questions from our Mains Test series – 2020 appeared in UPSC Civils Mains 2020 with minor changes

Features of the Test Series

  • Current Affairs are integrated with Static parts.
  • Complete Syllabus Coverage – Subtopics are listed in detail
  • Questions as per UPSC Trend and Pattern
  • Exam Schedule along with sources to read
  • Helps in identifying your strengths and eliminating your weaknesses.
  • Helps develop quality content and efficient time management.
  • Take tests anytime (Mobile Friendly also) 
  • Detailed solutions with Elimination Techniques
  • Instant results with All India Rank
  • Detailed performance report – Know your strong and weak areas
Every year, Sarat Chandra IAS Academy brings high quality UPSC Civils Prelims Test series at a very reasonable price to help UPSC aspirants. Last year, around 67 questions of UPSC prelims are from the Answer discussions of our Test series.

By Civil Services Prelims Exam-2020, UPSC has made it clear that it is taking some unconventional paths. This requires a preparation which has to be unconventional. Traditional preparation and Mock test approach of coaching institutes will not work any more. There is a need to take a new approach for prelims in terms of content, Scheduling and testing patterns

In the race to clear prelims, most aspirants are running behind Test Series programs which are not in sync with UPSC standards. The questions often mislead the preparation and drag the aspirants down to coaching center’s way of preparing, which essentially UPSC is trying to break away from.  

Sarat Chandra IAS Academy has proved that our approach to Civil Services Prelims Exam -2020 is in the UPSC way by aligning our classrooms and tests to the UPSC standards. This has given us brilliant results in terms of 65+ Direct hits in Prelims 2019.                                                

Based on our experience of conducting a successful test series for Prelims 2020 and the lessons we learnt in the process, Sarat Chandra IAS Academy is bringing a Test Series for UPSC CSE (Prelims) 2021. Our Test Series aims to be path-breaking in terms of the quality of questions and content, planning and scheduling of preparation and testing methodology.                                                                            

Our track record of 65+ Direct Hits in CSE 2020 is proof of our commitment to follow the UPSC way.  We dedicate ourselves to be grounded and tethered by the UPSC way in the upcoming test series too. Our test series is focused on consolidation of the concepts linked with current affairs. 

Most test series in the market today are providing half baked synopsis, which is irrelevant for many of the questions. They don’t even explore the underlying and alternate dimensions of a given question. If the concept behind the question is not thoroughly discussed and instilled in the minds of students, the entire process of testing will remain an incomplete endeavor with no sense of holism. 

We acknowledge that Prelims is a major hurdle and even the most experienced candidates face the brunt. If this first hurdle is not cleared, hundreds of hours spent on structuring your Mains answers and building content goes in vain.

UPSC preliminary by its very nature requires a focused study with a firm grip over the concepts along with a thorough awareness of current developments. These days, the aspect of interdisciplinary questions are taking centre stage. This requires a preparation which is by design, able to handle the aforementioned dynamics of UPSC. 

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