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Current Affairs 13th November -2020

Welcome to your Current Affairs 13th November -2020

1) Consider the following statements with respect to Competition Commission of India:
1. Competition Commission of India is a constitutional body of the Government of India
2. It consists of a Chairperson and 6 Members appointed by the Central Government.
2) Which of the following sectors are eligilble for priority sector lending?
  1. Export credit
  2. Micro Small and Medium Enterprise
  3. Renewable Energy
  4. Social Infrastructure
Select the correct answer code
3) Which of the following is/are correctly matched pairs?
1. Yangtze river- Yellow river
2. Huang He river- Longest river of China
3. Yarlung Zangbo - Brahmaputra river
Select the correct answer using codes given below:
4) RCEP is regional economic partnership between ASEAN countries and five countries which have signed Free Trade Agreement with ASEAN. Which of the following is not one among them?
5) Which of the following statements are not correct related to Panna Tiger reservoir?
1) The Panna tiger reserve is situated in the Satpura mountain range .
2) Ken river flows through the reserve.

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