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Current Affairs 22nd August-2020

Welcome to your Current Affairs 22nd August-2020

1) Which of the following is/are true in regards to speaker
1. The chairman of all parliamentary committees are nominated by speaker
2. Committees like business advisory committee, general purpose committee and rules committee work directly under his chairman ship.
2) 'Harit Path' is
1. To monitor location, growth, species details, maintenance activities, targets and achievements of each of its field units for each and every plant under all plantation projects.
2. The National Highways Authority of India and Ministry of Environment and forest has developed the mobile app called HARIT PATH.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
3) Consider the following statements:
1. The election commissioner is appointed by the President
2. Election commission of India is a permanent constitutional body
Which of the statements given above is/are false?
4) Which of the following statements is not true with respect to Agriculture Infrastructure Fund, central sector scheme
1. Rs 1 lakh crore Agriculture Fund (AIF) to be used over the next four years.
2. This fund will be used to build post-harvest storage and processing facilities, largely anchored at the Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs), but cannot also be availed by individual entrepreneurs.
5) Which of the following statements are true with respect to Nutrient Based Subsidy Scheme?
1. Under the scheme, a fixed amount of subsidy decided on an annual basis is provided on each grade of subsidized Phosphatic and Potassic (P&K) fertilizers, except for Urea, based on the nutrient content present in them.
2. The scheme is administered by the Department of Fertilizers under the Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers.
3. The continuation of the Nutrient Based Subsidy Scheme will ensure that an adequate quantity of P&K is made available to the farmers at a statutory controlled price.
6) Which of the following statements are false about WWF:
1. It is an international non-governmental organization
2. Headquarter – Rome.
3. Provides wilderness preservation & the reduction of human impact on the environment
4. It is the world’s second largest conservation organization.
7) Which state is to hold its first dragonfly festival in 2021 January
8) Top 3 rice producing states in India are:
9) The AUS, AAMAN, BORO grown in Bengal are varieties of
10) Which of the following is a ‘Rabi Crops’?

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