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Sarat Chandra IAS 28th August Quiz

Welcome to your Sarat Chandra IAS 28th August Quiz

Consider the following about PMSVA Nidhi:
1.Ministry of Finance will provide loans up to Rs,10,000 for street vendors
2.The loans would be given against a collateral

Which is the correct answer?

Recently, ‘103rd Constitution Amendment Act’, sometimes mentioned in the media in reference to:

Which of the following best describes the adoption of ‘coal washing technology’ in thermal power plants?

Consider the following pairs:

1.Bum La: Sikkim

2.Jelep La: Arunachal

3.Khardungla: Ladakh

Consider the following regarding Khadi and Village Industries Commission:

  1. It is a constitutional body
  2. It functions under the MSME Ministry.

Select the correct answer:

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