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Sarat Chandra IAS 9th March 2022

Welcome to your Sarat Chandra IAS 9th March 2022

Q.1) Panchaloha, as per shilpa shastras, consists of which of the following 1) Gold. 2) Copper. 3) Silver. 4) Iron. 5) Zinc. 6) Mercury

Q.2) As per Ramanujacharya, which of the following are not correct

Q.3) Which of the following statement/statements is/are not true 1) Many standing Buddha images with right hand in abhaya mudra were cast in North India during Gupta period 2) Lost wax process for casting was learnt from the time of post Gupta Period 3) Vakataka bronze images of Buddha from Phophnar, Maharashtra, are contemporary with the Gupta period bronzes 4) Sometimes, an alloy of five metals - silver, copper, brass, mercury, lead - is used to cast bronze images

Q.4) Which of the following are true regarding Paintings of Upper Paleolithic Period

Q.5) Consider the following statements regarding Sanchi
1) It will be made as a world heritage site in 2023
2) One of the sanchi stupas is presumed to have relics of Mahavir Jain
3) Originally, Sanchi stupa was a small iron structure
Which was expanded over a period of time Which of the above statements are false ?

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