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UPSC Civils Daily Mains Question 12th March-2021

Q) “New India will have better living standards, prosperous economy and harmonious society. Discuss the role of civil society in making this new India.”

Answer  :

India is a country that has historic past, eventful present and an aspiring future. The futuristic idea of new India is being marketed by the present government with a hope for better living standard, prosperous economy, powerful defence settlement, harmonious society in the years to come. 

Civil society is the society driven by people themselves has its origin in ancient times although the understanding and meaning have changed over a period of time. In a civil society people voluntarily come together to achieve the desired objective of welfare of the society or to raise the problems of people before the state. Basically, the voids of the state can be rightly filled by civil society.

Role of civil society in making this new India

India needs the effective role of civil society in the making of new India. 

  • All the new initiatives of the government require the participation and awareness of people and there is no better organisation than the civil society to achieve this objective. 
  • Involvement of civil society in the Swachha Bharat Mission has made it a huge success. 
  • Role of Swacchagrahis has a visible impact in changing the behaviour of people to stop open defecation practices in rural areas. 
  • Similarly, Swachha iconic places and Swachhata Pakwada are the instances of roles of civil society in bringing out transformation the society.
  • Various NGOs working for the conservation of nature and biodiversity which are quite essential for a healthy, clean and biologically sound India. 
  • The civil society movements like the Chipko, Apiko movements of the past for the protection of tree to the present day Aravali Bachao and Narmada Bachao Abhiyan try to achieve a similar objective in sync with the idea of new India.
  • It will protect the basic human needs against the tyranny of the state. 
  • The rights of the minority, depressed class along with individual rights of freedom, liberty are protected duly by civil society. 
  • Further, civil society has a great role in stopping the majoritarian tendencies and protecting the spirit of diversity in India.
  • The role of civil society in a peaceful world is equally important and peace in the world will add to the prosperity of India.
  • Anti-corruption movements and the changes in the outlook of people in India regarding this serious issue of corruption have impacts on the political structure of India. Although corruption has not died down completely the awareness due to the civil society movement has affected the corrupt structure greatly.
  • Be it the movement for freedom of expression or be it for the fight of LGBT community against the decriminalisation under section -377 of IPC or be it the fight of women against instant triple talaq there is present the active contribution and wholehearted support of civil society.

In many instances, the role of civil society becomes a headache for the government and it tries to restrict it. This is altogether detrimental for society. The dream of new India cannot be fulfilled without a vibrant civil society and hence all of us should try to protect the civil societies for a brighter future tomorrow. 

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