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Importance of Articles in Constitution of India

One should remember important articles of Constitution of India as they can be used not just in polity paper but also in all GS papers of UPSC mains.

In Sarat Chandra IAS Academy, we discuss how these articles can be embedded in most of the mains answers. It is a part of mains answer writing practice in this top UPSC civil services coaching institute in Vijayawada. We provide best coaching for both Prelims and Mains This can be practiced even in foundation courses like Inter with IAS (Intermediate plus IAS) and Degree with IAS as Polity forms lion’s share of questions in all competitive exams.

For example, in GS-1, while answering the question on Art and culture, you may quote Article 49 and Article 51A.

In questions on protecting the environment from pollution (GS-3), we may quote Article 21 and Article 48A.  

Managing Director Sarat Chandra, who graduated from IIT Madras says that most engineering graduates has good analytical skills while writing answers but arts students are able to embed topics of one subject into another. So, he encourages exchange of ideas between these two sections of students.

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