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UPSC Civils Daily Mains Question 15th June-2021

From the last 5-6 years insurgency in the North-east region is declining. What are the reasons for decline and what steps can be taken to curb insurgency in that region.(250 words)

Insurgency is a term historically restricted to rebellious acts that did not reach the proportions of an organized revolution. It has subsequently been applied to any such armed uprising, typically guerrilla in character, against the recognized government of a state or country.

Reasons for decline

  • Security relations with myanmar and bangladesh (where insurgence used to refuge for shelter) helped to cut insurgency
  • Talks with the insurgent groups resulted in decline of violence
  • Local population got fed up with the violence going on for years and the popularity of the leaders of insurgent groups also declined with time.
  • Government forces and its intelligence units have been able to play one group against the other and dismantle the unity of insurgent groups.

Steps to curb insurgency

  • Comprehensive geographical connectivity is key to the development of NorthEast states.
  • The centre and the state government should identify all the groups small and big and deal with them so that the insurgency doesn’t sprung up again.
  • A sense of belongingness should be encouraged among the local population and a sense of pride should be inculcated in them for their contributions made to India

The success of peace agreements should be evaluated more on socio-economic outcomes than in terms of military outcome.The sense that political aspirations could be achieved through violence has to be continuously discouraged. For this the political empowerment of the Northeast States has to be done and the good governance should penetrate to the grass root levels.

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